Central Florida Doodles


Florida's Sweetest Family 



Welcome to Central Florida Labradoodles! We are an experienced, sister owned and operated multi-generational Australian Labradoodle breeder located in the Longwood, Florida area. 

Our love and appreciation for the breed began in 2003 when our first Labradoodle joined the family and stole our hearts away. Shortly thereafter, our mother, Maureen, founded Central Florida Labradoodles and took us along for the ride!

Over the course of the last 17 years, we have helped our mother raise and love countless puppies before they are placed into their furever homes. In that time, we have continued to educate ourselves on how to best serve all of our dogs and puppies, and, in turn, the families that adopt them! 

Here at Central Florida Labradoodles, our mission is to better the breed with high quality dogs that will produce hypo-allergenic, non-shedding, and healthy puppies with sound temperaments, while always putting our animals and their wellbeing first.

To do this, we ensure that all of our dogs are fully health tested by licensed DVMs. It is through meticulous selection, attentive breeding, and thorough testing, that we are able to provide families with a two-year genetic health guarantee for each and every puppy we produce.

We look forward to meeting all of you new (and returning!) puppy parents and helping match you with the perfect puppy in the near future! 


Emily and Catherine

Even if you do not adopt a puppy from us, please avoid
puppy stores & "backyard breeders." 

Most Pet Shops buy from puppy mills and/or backyard breeders where dogs and puppies suffer unfathomable abuse and neglect. Purchasing from pet stores and backyard breeders further supports their ability to continue the cycle of animal abuse.
Instead, adopt from reputable breeders who health test their breeding stock and are helping to protecting and better our beloved Labradoodle breed.

Please note that we are not affiliated nor do we sell to any Labradoodle Puppy Brokers in Florida or anywhere else. It is well known that puppies purchased from puppy broker sites are almost always from puppy mills. Their puppy mill operations can be very well disguised through these sites. A reputable breeder does not have trouble selling their own puppies and will never use a broker.